My New Self-Loathing Campaign

September 14, 2013

Don't Cate

Don’t Cate

     What are the kids saying these days?  Besides “twerk” and the hopefully dying “Keep Calm and Go Fuck Yourself” (fill in the blank), there’s my new favorite, “Don’t Hate.”  The related sayings “hater” and “haters” are being spewed out of the mouths of many lips and social networked into hashtags.  Therefore, I thought the best thing for me to do was blossom on this catchphrase and rip on myself while mind-fucking all of my “haters” or “caters” rather.  If the more you discriminate on my behavior and attire (or lack thereof) the better you feel about the minimal outfit you are wearing, hate on.  I don’t mind being used to justify the inner whore in you as being classier, more appropriate, and more respected behavior.  Keep dancing with, or rather dry humping, someone against the wall in the corner of a college meat market wearing pretty much what every other chick is wearing, just in a different color.  I hope you think of me as you’re sandwiched between two perspiring incoherent “bros” and justify the whore in you.