Why I Need Feminism

June 7, 2015

Can't We All Just Be Equal Without Having To Talk About it?

Can’t We All Just Be Equal Without Having To Talk About it?

Being a girl has its perks: The Vagina, perhaps you’ve heard of it. In 2015 there is still much inequality. I however am not concerned with job and educational imbalances in opportunity and pay, nor do I stand behind affirmative action. A gender unbiased (or blind if necessary) hiring or admission based on skills, achievements, job history, academics, etc. is something I rally more for than making things “even” and then maybe worrying about working on the act of or human ability of not considering gender at all when filling those positions or granting opportunities.  There are many out-dated stereotypes, that don’t even translate to funny jokes, and I love funny jokes.  If we are going to make fun of women, can we at least write some new material that may or may not be true but is at least considered comedy? Yes, women have boobs that when larger than flat are considered sexy and not “fat-man-boobs,” but there are many things that we are not privy to and may never be, unless the fashion industry undergoes and multi-billion dollar revamping of universal sizing (that will probably work out as well as the United States converting to and utilizing the metric system) or I join the circus. Regardless, there are still options.