Everyone’s Getting Fat Except Mama Cass

September 20, 2013

And everyone's getting fat except Mama Cass

And everyone’s getting fat except Mama Cass

Mama Cass, the bearded dragon, is Casey’s beardie that he volunteered to take care of in attempts of sexual relations with her previous owner’s sister.  However, that’s another George Costanza-esque story for another time.   I have not held Mama Cass in a while.  The first time I held her after taking Massacre, she was not having it and very suspicious of my, on edge.  Perhaps she smelled the male beardie on me, perhaps she was just being a bitch.  I named Casey’s dragon Mama Cass, after the late member of The Mamas and The Papas, soon after he received her because she became super fat, as female beardies do, and she was quite old and thus large in length.  Lately, she has been losing weight, but after a nice warm bath her vibrant yellow and red-orange textures really came forth and she was once again very loving.  In honor of both the late and the current Mama Cass, let’s all sing along to Creeque Alley (even though the video title is spelled wrong).