The DTEASE 8/26

August 23, 2016

LIVE August 27, 2016

LIVE August 27, 2016

The most talked about show in Santa Barbara!

One night only The DTEASE w/Retrodemon.

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The DTEASE have managed to take all the good from 70’s glam artists like David Bowie & T. Rex, 70’s punk rock like The Clash & The Ramones, 60’s rock ‘n’ roll like The Doors & The Rolling Stones, and everything missing in the modern rock scene to create an all-powerful icon. With their live show that cannot be beat, The DTEASE will leave you speechless, soaking wet, and screaming for more.

“Extreme energy coupled with a rock show not seen in decades, The DTEASE deliver much needed CPR into today’s music scene.” —Pop Vulture Magazine

“A reminder as to why old-school metal was so darn popular. Retrodemon pulls up the roots of metal, bringing us back to the good old days of early Metallica and Black Sabbath with powerful riffs and clean vocals.” —The Santa Barbara Independent