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*Official Video* My Ass

August 28, 2013

If you do not find this amusing, please do a YouTube search for any mainstream hit song right now.  Immediately, the search results scream of video matches each fighting for you to watch them with terms such as “OFFICIAL VIDEO,” “HD,” “Full HD,” “1080p,” “Best Quality,” and an infinite number of asterisks(*) to grab your attention.  Sail by Awolnation is a particular YouTube phenomena in itself for numerous people have taken the time to script, film, and edit parody music videos for the track, some earning more views than the original.


What’s up? Miley butt.

August 26, 2013

What's up?  Miley Butt.

What’s up? Chicken butt.

Some angles are worse than others, and some freeze frames are worse than others.  However, the person who matched up these two shots has skill.  Well done.  I fully appreciate this art form, and if there were ever a good match up to a bad photo of my ass, I would fully support it.


Girls Just Wanna Have Fund$

August 16, 2013

Girls Just Wanna Have Fund$Amazing. Could not have said it better myself. Thank you Cyndi Lauper for paving the way.

Banned from Facebook, again.

August 5, 2013

Banned from Facebook, again.


Once again, I have been banned from Facebook.  This time, however, it’s only for three days.  This time, a show flyer that’s date passed last week and that has been spread all over Facebook by other band and personal pages, yet I get to be the example.  I love be the one to set an example.

Photo Candy: New App from DNA Imagery

August 5, 2013

Santa Barbara based Multi-Media etc. etc. etc. Company (it seems their list of projects/products is unending), launches new app for iPhones called Photo Candy.

The New App from The DNA Apps

The New App from The DNA Apps

I have done some interacting with the folks at DNA outside of the usual social network liking/commenting/reposting/etc., since I became aware of them in 2012. I try to keep up with what they having going on. I was extremely interested in checking out their new and first app due to the fact that the company seems to have a good understanding of social networking, artistic and catchy marketing for events, and their blog is very well laid out and constantly rolling with content. This DNA mastermind seems to have all of the key players on hand, from D.J.’s to photographers and all the way down to application developers and programers.

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My Mom & Angelo Moore of Fishbone

July 23, 2013

Apparently while I've been gone, my mother has become buddy buddy with Angelo Moore of Fishbone, which is pretty badass.  She's in this music video a few times hanging with Angelo.  Like mother, like daughter.
[3:05, 4:47]

I’m on Snapchat!

July 17, 2013

"Chasing Tail"

“Chasing Tail”

Username: ElectricSEXent —naturally.  Send me a snap!

Married With Children

July 15, 2013

Will the saga continue?

Will the saga continue?

Hell fucking yes I would.  Even if it might only be to kill an hour of my life, I would watch it.  It might not be beneficial to the well loved and remembered series as a whole, but it will give me something entertaining to do.  It is kind of similar to the 4th season of Arrested Development.  I watched it straight through upon release, and it was entertaining for those hours.  However, would I watch the season over and over again like I have the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd?  Probably not.  At least not for a few years.

Need I say more?

July 9, 2013



Sunday: a day to relax and read up on gonzo pornography.

July 7, 2013

Pioneered by John Stagliano, this “genre” of pornography references its name to gonzo journalism (Hunter S. Thompson’s creation and life).  It puts the camera man, or woman, directly into the scene as being one of the sexual participants who may switch the camera back and forth among performers.  Gonzo porn puts the , “reporter,” or “recorder,” directly into the scene.  At first glance, this style seems very similar to P.O.V. (point of vision) porn where the camera is held by the person receiving sexual acts and pointed so that the movie viewer sees the sexual acts only from the receiver’s point of view.  You want to know more, look it up.