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Christopher Walken: Dance Master

March 20, 2014

Christopher Walken: Dance Master

Christopher Walken: Dance Master

Apparently today is International Dance Day.  Whether or not this is its first annual celebration, I have no idea and I do not care to find out.  Everyday things need to be sold and thus there is a new reason to celebrate [meaning spend money and basically spam our friends with posts we find AMAZING at the time, thus creating free publicity for anyone involved in the post’s content or say the companies with ad placement next to the article/video/photos of the greatest thing since “sliced yesterday].”  Anywho, Christopher Walken, Fatboy Slim, you know what I am talking about, perhaps the best music video ever created: “Weapon of Choice.”  Basically Walken dancing with himself in a hotel lobby for just under four minutes. Well, coincidentally, being International Dance Day and all, some clever and lonely person created a mass montage of Walken’s dancing skills Continue reading “Christopher Walken: Dance Master” »

Polar Vortex

January 7, 2014

Claimed taken today on Lake Michigan

Claimed taken today on Lake Michigan

Yes, a polar vortex is a real thing and currently happening over the United States NorthEast.  A photo was posted on Twitter with the claim it was taken today of a lighthouse on Lake Michigan.  The photo really makes clear the effect of a Polar Vortex.  The photo was taken by professional photographer John McCormick and just recently called out Continue reading “Polar Vortex” »

Coldblooded Does Not Mean Stupid

December 2, 2013

Cognitive Reptile Experiment

Cognitive Reptile Experiment

This is a great New York Times article on coldblooded species and their ability to think that Jen Castle of The DTEASE sent my way.  It is crazy to think that so little cognitive research has been done regarding reptiles due to stereotypical presumption that they cannot help us and information is not relative.  However, this is also due to intelligent researchers that originally “laid the groundwork” of reptilian studies Continue reading “Coldblooded Does Not Mean Stupid” »

Facebook Likes Save

November 25, 2013

Facebook Likes Save

So this is how the future will play out.  Facebook makes the world go round.  Let’s see if I can get enough likes to have a solid gold toilet built in my honor or perhaps enough to answer the age old question, “How many likes does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop?”

What’s The Deal with Bitstrips?

October 25, 2013



Unfortunately, there is no stripping involved for those of you that immediately got excited.  However, it is a relatively clever interactive app in the ever growing and competitive app market of new and fleeting social networks, games, sexting, etc.

Mr. Kruger's Family Photo

Mr. Kruger’s Family Photo

What will stay?  What will catch on?  How long will our interest last?  Will our interest even last long enough to figure the fucking thing out?  Will our interest be so great that we allow the only option of signing in with Facebook account and thus allowing the App to post our activity wildly thus vomiting all over the news feed of every one of our friends, perhaps their friends too, until we can get to a Continue reading “What’s The Deal with Bitstrips?” »

What’s the deal with anal bleaching?

October 13, 2013

I have been thinking about anal bleaching from the moment I became aware that it was something that more than one person was doing.  These are my legitimate Continue reading “What’s the deal with anal bleaching?” »

Electric CENSORED Enterprises

September 30, 2013

Electric Censored Enterprises

I thought this might assist me in not getting banned from Facebook, again.  At this point Facebook can suck my dick, but it’s more about the pages I manage for bands and companies that suffer as a result.  I have a duty to get the word out to the people that only use Facebook.

My New Self-Loathing Campaign

September 14, 2013

Don't Cate

Don’t Cate

     What are the kids saying these days?  Besides “twerk” and the hopefully dying “Keep Calm and Go Fuck Yourself” (fill in the blank), there’s my new favorite, “Don’t Hate.”  The related sayings “hater” and “haters” are being spewed out of the mouths of many lips and social networked into hashtags.  Therefore, I thought the best thing for me to do was blossom on this catchphrase and rip on myself while mind-fucking all of my “haters” or “caters” rather.  If the more you discriminate on my behavior and attire (or lack thereof) Continue reading “My New Self-Loathing Campaign” »

I want a Barbie for Christmas.

September 10, 2013

All I want for Christmas...

All I want for Christmas…

I asked my parents if they will get me a black Barbie for Christmas.

They responded, “Maybe you want career girl Barbie??!  They actually make that.”

Moral of the story, young American girls do not have to be a pageant whore or a princess in a bikini.  They can have a career!

Now if only they made a black career girl Barbie…