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I’ve Got To Break Free

October 9, 2014

Break Free

Break Free

The song I Want To Break Free by Queen sums up exactly how I feel right now…

I Want To Break Free

I Want To Break Free

In other news, did you know, this video was banned by MTV, among other stations, in 1984 due to the “content” which was actually a spoof on a British soap opera and misinterpreted by/in the US as something “obscene?”  The ban was lifted in 1991 by VH1 when they aired the video during a special devoted to Queen hosted by guitarist Brian May called My Generation.  The song was written by bassist John Deacon and played at most of their live performances.  Despite the video block, the song never took quite as well in the States as it did in other places when released.  Where it was loved and the video laughed within the UK, the song took on “new” meanings of freedom from oppression in South America and South Africa.  I Want To Break Free was seen as an anthem in those parts for those combating oppression and when Freddie Mercury took the stage in 1985 at a show in Rio de Janeiro in a wig and falsies, the crowd threw rocks at him, not wanting their sacred hymn to be disgraced.  Understanding yet still puzzled, Mercury removed the female parts which calmed the “Queen church goers.”

…about my own personal life.
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Literal Flash Mob

October 1, 2014

Flash Mob, Literally

Flash Mob, Literally

I have been meaning to post or at least figure out how I wanted to reveal this artwork to the world for at least a year.  The idea came to me upon pondering where I currently was in my artist expression.  It had been quite some time since I had done any of my “own” performance based photography/video art and I was unsure of my current visions.  In the past I would conceive of an idea or concept and then figure out a way to visually depict that via constructed scenes usually using myself as the subject if one was necessary for it was far easier for me to explain to myself what I wanted myself to add to the piece and how, and most of the time my ideas were not the most comfortable for most people to take on and allow me to shoot them.  It was now July 2013, about 3 years since I had done any of my own art, when I realized that all of my views had changed.  I was no longer on a mission to change or save the world after my recent realization that thinking that my views or ways are better than that of others and that others need to be exposed and implement my ways (in which I sincerely was on a mission of helping the human race for their benefit), that I was in effect playing god. Continue reading “Literal Flash Mob” »

5-hour Energy Fail

September 25, 2014

Well, this just in, we did not win the 5-hour Energy Yummification contest in any way, shape, or form.  Sam and I did not even make it into the 5th runner up finalists category.  Well, since uploading entry videos to any other service other than theirs disqualifies you from the contest and we’ve already lost, here’s an unfrightening play button to watch our fifty second commercial for all of our YouTube and Vimeo fans!  I quickly grazed over the page of winners, and the 5-hour team seems to have chosen all videos in which a drink was concocted from a 5-hour Energy shot and only 1 other ingredient, none of which is water.  However, water was listed as one of the 10 or so acceptable ingredients.  One finalist of sorts was a smoothie, and, did I mention, tastiness of recipe (25%) and name of recipe (15%) comprised a total of 40% of the judging criteria as opposed to video quality which made up a whopping 60%.  Whatever, we live, we learn.  We followed through and entered on time and I am pretty proud of our entry.  Samantha and I constructed our video production from start to finish, building and tearing down the entire set in my living room in the same day, with a budget of whatever a mouthpiece and squeeze bottle cost.

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Bag Laws and My Canvas Tote Bag

September 18, 2014

New Canvas Tote Bag

New Canvas Tote Bag

     You know what really grinds my gears?  The no plastic bag law in Santa Barbara, CA.  Despite the fact that they think this will do the trick on saving the Earth [ahem, smog, cars, no public transportation, ahem], it’s kind of been a royal pain in my ass.  Now if you would like disposable bag for your groceries, drug store needs, etc., you can purchase one for 10¢—did I mention your only option for purchase are paper bags with no handles?—Because those are pretty much useless.  Now the supermarket and drug store chains can still make money off of this by forcing us to purchase their reusable grocery bags for a dollar and change, that they probably get made by the millions for a penny by small children in a country we try not to think about.  But aside from all of these medium level irritations, I have my biggest problem with the fact that I now have to carry tote bags with me 24/7 in case I find myself having a little time in the day in the proximate area of getting some grocery, household, or self care shopping done.

Get It While It's Hot

Get It While It’s Hot

     Sometimes my trips are heavy duty; you know when it seems like you are in need of not just fresh food but shampoo, garbage bags, toilet paper, a new plunger, cleaning spray, body wash, tinfoil, paper towels, mouthwash, vitamins, a mop, you get the idea.  The CVS buy one get one free on almost anything at any given time (or the mile long scroll of coupons I get to go through and attempt to utilize per each visit) is nice, but doesn’t help my volume issue.  How is one supposed to get all of these items out of the store and into ones car and into ones home?  Am I supposed to bring a luggage duffel bag with me to the store or a wheely suitcase to be able to successfully leave the register with all of my purchases?  Am I supposed to purchase and then  carry 20 canvas bags in my purse, backpack, or car at all times?  Maybe I’ll just pull my Z car up to the register and load everything directly off the conveyor belt into my trunk.  If you ask me, this bag law so far has just had me making more and more trips to the store per week due to inability to carry all of my needs at one time, and believe me, prior I can carry 10 plastic bags per arm from register to car to home, which is up a flight of stairs, in one trip.  Three canvas bags is too many, and that is still never enough.

     How do you like my rant?  This law is just another thing in life I will learn to deal with.  But if I’m going to be forced to carry a reusable tote bag, it might as well be inappropriate.  And if I’m going to have to make it inappropriate Continue reading “Bag Laws and My Canvas Tote Bag” »

Four Years Clean and Obscene

September 1, 2014

4 Years Clean

4 Years Clean

Today marks the anniversary of my fourth year consecutively clean from all mind altering substances minus nicotine and caffeine but including heroin, alcohol, marijuana, uppers, downers, and hallucinogens. First and foremost, I’d like to thank the anonymous.  Wait, this is not an acceptance speech at the Academy Awards.

Perhaps to your surprise, obscenity is not a behavioral result due to my lack of drugs.  I am pretty sure I have always been obscene, playing tricks along that provocative artistic line .  All I have, am, and will be doing is continuing to learn to live a Cate’s normal life without the use of drugs because though drugs can exist without Cate, Cate cannot exist with drugs.

P.S. Up until 5 or so years ago all I knew about the 12 steps was basically nothing because I learned it from Seinfeld.
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5-hour ENERGY Yummification

August 20, 2014

Cate and Sam Yummification

Cate and Sam Yummification

Samantha and I entered the 5-hour ENERGY Yummifcation contest!  The contest ended yesterday August 19th at 11:59PM EDT but winners will not be contacted until around September 2, 2014.  The beverage we created is called “Secret Serum” and can be concocted simply by combining 1 bottle of 5-hour ENERGY Extra Strength Grape with 16 ounces of water.  It tastes like a light fruity sports drink.  We built the entire set from scratch by ourselves in my living room.  Script, storyboard, acting, filming, lighting, costume design, sound, editing, and anything else you can think of was done soley by Samantha and myself.  Once again, another completely Cate and Sam DIY artistic adventure executed as professionally as possible by “unlicensed professionals.”  $100,000 will be divvied up amongst selected finalists by 5-hour ENERGY, and we are hoping to win some cash to help fund our cost of living and creative endeavors so we can keep bringing you the best of the best.

The contest requires each video be uploaded directly to their site and shared via their provided email, Twitter, and Facebook links.  Below I embedded a Facebook post I made earlier today that has a direct play button to watch our video directly and easily here.


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ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, Accepted

August 13, 2014

Cate Doin' The Ice Bucket Challenge

Cate Doin’ The Ice Bucket Challenge

The Ice Bucket or Donate in 24hours challenge is sweeping the nation by storm in an effort to both raise awareness and funds for further ALS research to find a cure.  Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) is most commonly known as Lou Gehrig’s disease.  My long time teenage bestie Jenna Romano, currently in residing in Israel, nominated me.  I accepted the challenge and I hope you do as well.  Remember, if nominated, you must either “ice bucket” yourself and post video via social networks (Facebook, YouTube, etc.) or donate money to ALS within 24hours.  P.S. I pretty much flooded my living room, but it was worth it.

Donations can be made at ALSA.org
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Former President Bill Clinton and UnPros

August 3, 2014

Sam Max Cate Dr. Suzy

Sam Max Cate Dr. Suzy

Sam, Cate, and Bill Clinton

Sam, Cate, and Bill Clinton

Last night, our “You’ll Never Believe…” video was aired LIVE on The Dr. Susan Block show immediately followed by a live interview with former president Bill Clinton, “Billy Jeff.”  Billy Jeff is a proud member (I am as well) of new game changing social network Bonoboville created by The Dr. Susan Block Institute.  Listen free to show at link below, our video airs at 1:23:00 and basically introduces “Billy Jeff.”

Listen To Show Here

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Tiny Talk on Sullen TV

July 11, 2014

UnPro Tiny Talk

UnPro Tiny Talk

One of my oldest and still closest of friends since I moved to California is none other than Anthony “Tiny Bubz” Biuso.  Formerly drummer of T.S.O.L. for over 10 years and forever an overall badass standup dude, Tiny’s latest takeover is hosting “Tiny Talk,” a web show on Sullen TV.  Last month, I met up with him at Ink-N-Iron Festival aboard The Queen Mary in Long Beach, California.  Samantha and I had both the honor and pleasure of appearing on his new show.  We unprofessionally make a memorable appearance at 1:51 and don’t miss a special interview with Ricochet at 2:40 in which he speaks of his urge to cut the “eye covering hair” off emo kids with his teeth.  This week’s episode of Tiny Talk is a real treat.
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Don’t Fake It

June 24, 2014

Best World Cup commercial so far.   It has nothing to do with the product as usual, but they manage to cleverly pull it together at the end.

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