Butt Drawing: The Latest Art Craze

January 4, 2015

"Art is but a premeditated fart." -Cate Imperio

“Art is but a premeditated fart.” -Cate Imperio

The newest technique of which Samantha and myself are the pioneers and founders [if anything can be considered “new” at this point in history] is called Butt Painting or Drawing.  The latter part of the term is dependent upon the medium for the method of creation remains relatively the same; using one’s buttocks as or to hold the stylus of choice.  Art is all. I wake up and the arrangement of my blanket is art.  I get out of bed and the action of which I throw my sheets and blanket is art.  Whether I “make my bed” or leave it unmade all day is art. You get the idea, hopefully. I mean the most difficult artistic endeavor I take on each day is dressing myself. In reflecting on this project and its meaning to me, as well as how I might verbally convey that to the infinite universe, I reminisced in some quotes laid by those artists past that I respect and enjoy such as Picasso, Van Gogh, Warhol.  I have always been fascinated by words—perhaps the most concrete way to arrange a thought so that it can be read literally and understood if language is not an issue.  Aside from the 7 basic emotions whose facial representations can be both expressed and understood across the world by all, a painting or drawing can be used to convey everything the artist is feeling or attempting to release or describe via “pictures” of shape and color, completion of which being concrete and tangible.  However, not everyone may understand without asking questions what the piece represents, if anything. Tangent aside, what words of wisdom or wisecracks will I leave to the world? Based upon this most recent butt drawing piece, the following words came to mind and perhaps can convey more to myself and the world than this entire former compilation of drivel formally known as a paragraph.

Here is the latter: a grouping of more concise word vomit…

“A sphincter is but another hand to sculpt with.” -Catherine Imperio

“At the root of every fart is art.” -Catherine Imperio

“Painting is just another way of keeping a diary.” – Pablo Picasso

“Butt painting is just another way of keeping a diarrhea.” – Catherine Imperio [based upon the words of Picasso]

“There are countless ways to become a stylus.” -Catherine Imperio

“It is far easier to create than to appreciate one’s own defecate.” -Catherine Imperio

“At the heart of every artist is a fartist waiting to be recognized and come out.” -Catherine Imperio

“Art is all—-from the deepest depths of every heart to the strenuous stench of every fart.” -Catherine Imperio [Variation 1]

“Art is all—-from the deep and shallow depths of every heart to the velvet and strenuous stench of every fart.” -Catherine Imperio [Variation 2]

“Just because you have no hands or feet, doesn’t mean you cannot hold a pen.” -Catherine Imperio

“You can’t make a fart without art.” -Catherine Imperio

“Nothing lay beyond one’s grasp for he who has grasp.” -Catherine Imperio

“Art is but a premeditated fart.” -Catherine Imperio