You’ll Never Believe…

July 20, 2014

What's in her butt?

What’s in her butt?

You’ll never believe the shit that comes out of my butt sometimes!  Once again, my best friend Samantha squeezes me out of a tight jam.  Special thanks to Chief Editing & Audio Consultant on this episode, Television Smith.
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You Might Be Californian…

July 13, 2014

Cali Girls

Cali Girls

You’ll never believe the backwards things people from California do.  Sam & I assess if you might be a Californian.
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Tiny Talk on Sullen TV

July 11, 2014

UnPro Tiny Talk

UnPro Tiny Talk

One of my oldest and still closest of friends since I moved to California is none other than Anthony “Tiny Bubz” Biuso.  Formerly drummer of T.S.O.L. for over 10 years and forever an overall badass standup dude, Tiny’s latest takeover is hosting “Tiny Talk,” a web show on Sullen TV.  Last month, I met up with him at Ink-N-Iron Festival aboard The Queen Mary in Long Beach, California.  Samantha and I had both the honor and pleasure of appearing on his new show.  We unprofessionally make a memorable appearance at 1:51 and don’t miss a special interview with Ricochet at 2:40 in which he speaks of his urge to cut the “eye covering hair” off emo kids with his teeth.  This week’s episode of Tiny Talk is a real treat.
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World Cup Announcer Tryouts

July 9, 2014

The UnPros Judges

The UnPros Judges

So you think you have what it takes to be a World Cup announcer?  Here are some of the common measures of strength you can expect in an audition.

UnPros: World Cup Announcer Tryouts from Electric SEX Enterprises on Vimeo.

You’ll never believe how meticulous the tryouts to be the World Cup Announcer are! Cate and Sam investigate and give you an exclusive peek at the action.

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UnPros on Vacation

June 29, 2014

We’re taking today off, so enjoy some re-runs or have yourself a marathon to catch up on all the Unlicensed Professionals episodes.  See you Sunday July 6th for an all new episode!

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New UnPros Logo

June 24, 2014

Unlicensed Professionals

Unlicensed Professionals

The newest and sexiest Unlicensed Professionals logo I finally finished making today.  I think is glorious, and of course that’s an unbiased opinion. Continue reading “New UnPros Logo” »

Don’t Fake It

June 24, 2014

Best World Cup commercial so far.   It has nothing to do with the product as usual, but they manage to cleverly pull it together at the end.

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Ink-N-Iron: Unpros Style

June 22, 2014



 Samantha and I went to Ink-N-Iron and here's what happened.

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